About us

The London Permaculture Network was set up in spring 2010. We are currently:

  • producing a monthly newsletter that summarises permaculture and permaculture-friendly events around London. To add your event to the newsletter you can add them to the London Permaculture cluster on Project Dirt (see the menu above) or email info@londonpermaculture.com
  • provide speakers to give an Introduction to Permaculture – if you would  like someone to come and talk to your local group please email us: info@londonpermaculture.com
  • maintain an interactive map (see the menu above) where people can find out about local permaculture and permaculture-friendly projects. Let us know if you would like to add your project to the map.
  • we also have a Facebook group and Facebook page where people list activities happening in and around London
  • building an online presence that does justice to what is happening on the ground.

If you wish to join and take part contact us


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