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RetroSuburbia- Afternoon Talk and Workshop

Ian Lillington & Jo Barker

Sunday 30th September, 1pm

Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent’s Park Road, London NW1 7AY

An afternoon Talk and Workshop celebrating and exploring David Holmgren’s new epic Permaculture and Transition handbook.

We believe this book is The Permaculture Pattern Handbook for Resilience Households and Neighbourhoods – working with natural systems to retrofit our communities, homes and lifestyles.

It’s Future proofing for uncertain times and is a good idea anyway. Ian and Jo think this book is so important and brilliant they are doing a little tour promoting it.

The event is in two parts:
1pm to 2.30pm – Introduction to RetroSuburbia- A tour of this amazing book and website resource.

From 3pm the workshop session carries on from the Talk until 6pm – where we will go deeper and use the permaculture patterns in the book to practice retrofitting our own households.
We will explore how to access the book easily (its very big and written in pattern language and multiple layers), and the free online RetroSuburbia resources. Including:

From debt to frugal hedonism – the keys to Resilience
What’s the problem? Household ecoaudit
Retro fitting. Patterns for resilience
Next steps – time to work on ideas and actions to take away with you

Who is this for? Some knowledge of Permaculture would be useful but we will include an overview. This half day session is suitable for designers, urban planners, community cultivators, home retrofitters, change-makers, builders, activists, teachers, public sector workers, gardeners, entrepreneurs, architects, makers and anyone else looking for tools and strategies to effectively transform our households and neighbourhoods into more liveable, resilient places.

Ian Lillington is a Permaculture Teacher, Author and Practitioner. He lives near David Holmgren in Australia and has worked closely with David on Permaculture since the early 1990s.  Ian is also  a regular visitor to the Uk to teach on PDCs. He has in-depth understanding of Permaculture in both countries.  He is currently building a straw-bale eco house.
Jo Barker is a Permaculture Facilitator, Designer and Practitioner based in Canterbury. She feels evangelical about David Holmgren’s new book and has been described to David as the book’s biggest fan in the UK. Jo is hoping to break her record of 182 different salad ingredients foraged from a forest garden this September.

Cost: £40/ £25/ £10 depending on income

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